Mission Statement

The Heritage Cove Farm Mission

Heritage Cove Farm promotes recovery for adults with mental illness. As a resident of the farm, adults live in a supportive community environment, where they receive therapeutic care, and learn the necessary life, work and coping skills for independent living.

Development Goals Include:

    • Therapeutic farms provide a family-like community made up of guest residents, staff, families and volunteers, where all members are accepted, respected and celebrated as individuals.
    • We plan to create a place where our residents will be able to enjoy a protected, peaceful therapeutic farm community setting to live in near the beautiful spreads area of Mullett Lake where the sounds of loons, eagles and the farm accent their day.
    • OurĀ goal is to provide a safe environment where everyone feels accepted and trusted. Our residents will be held to high expectations to be productive, working members of the community.
    • Our residents will be empowered to discover their talents and share them with the working farm community. They will also be able to learn and practice new skills in a supported lakeside farming environment.
    • Put in place a team of trained staff and management who will help optimize our residents medications, build compensatory strategies to manage the symptoms of their illness, and create resiliency in work and social contexts.
    • Through a stepped progression, symptoms can improve, real-life skills are learned, and a sense of worth and hope is recovered that allows the individual to build the strength and confidence to move towards greater independence and recovery.